The Affinity Series

The Affinity Series is a novel series that follows the adventures of Kim Phillips, a Chicago homicide detective with the ability to tap into the powers of the afterlife.

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Burner Cover


On the dark streets of Chicago, a gruesome serial killer is hunting for a very specific kind of prey. With the powers of the afterlife at her beck and call, can a homicide detective overcome the challenge of finding an invisible enemy before he kills again?
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Burner Cover


Sifting through cold cases, Kim discovers the chilling murder of a young girl and feels drawn to solve the case. Can she do so while also investigating an increase in dangerous, Turned ghosts around the city?
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Burner Cover


Dark energy brews around the city, and somehow it is all connected. As Kim grapples with her Medium abilities, can she stay focused on her Mundane responsibilities?
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Speaker Cover


After months of dancing around each other, Detectives Kim Phillips and Riley Cross have finally become something more than partners. But before the afterglow has time to wear off, they’re thrust into a vicious murder case where a confidential informant has been killed to keep a dirty cop’s identity secret.
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Keeper Cover


After being dragged from the wreckage of a collapsed building, only to be faced with the realization that something is seriously wrong with Riley, Kim Phillips – homicide detective and Medium – is forced to confront a looming disaster she barely understands. With Riley growing weaker and Priya seemingly Turning, it’s up to Kim to save them both and, maybe, save Chicago at the same time. In the exciting conclusion of The Affinity Series, join Kim as she tackles her greatest challenge yet.
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