A list of common terms relative to the world within The Affinity Series.


A person possessing the ability to interact and communicate with the afterlife and spirits of deceased people. Mediums make up about 0.01% of the population, depending on the area. They Bond with ghosts that have yet to Turn as the final step of their training, which increases the Medium’s powers and stops the ghost from Turning.


When a ghost loses their sense of reality and humanity and becomes dangerous to living people or things. After Turning, ghosts may also cause damage to property, as well as people.


The specialized skill set a Medium possesses. The seven Affinities, from most common to least, are: Burner, Reader, Healer, Speaker, Shaker, Seer, and Passenger.

  • Burner – This is the most common type of Medium. They can speak with and exorcise ghosts and usually work in criminal justice or as independent contractors. Burners also specialize in offensive uses of their power, especially when fighting Turned ghosts. These uses include bindings, blasts of energy, and channeling of energy through sigils and runes.
  • Reader – Gains memories and emotions from physical objects. Clarity of images and depth of information is dependent on their strength and how long they’re in contact with the item being Read. The longer they spend trying to find out information from something, the better it is, but there is a limit to what they can discover. Most items will not trigger anything when a Reader is in contact with them, but some items that have a strong psychic aura will cause them to fall into a vision without warning. Second most common type of Medium.
  • Healer – Possesses healing abilities and can view internal structures. They are regarded with extreme respect and sought out regularly by hospitals and convalescent homes. They tend to be very caring individuals who form significant emotional bonds with the people they love and trust. The strength of the Medium determines how severe of an injury or illness they can heal. Third most common type.
  • Speaker – Can communicate telepathically with other Mediums and people who have a predisposition for the supernatural. Work with Burners and Readers regularly. Also tend to work in special forces or the military due to their ability to Speak to people. The strength of the Medium determines how far and how many people they can Speak with at a time. Fourth most common type.
  • Shaker – Can move things and people without physically touching them. The weight of the item or person they can move is determined by the strength of the Medium. They tend to work in dangerous construction jobs, like underwater drilling or high rise construction and repair. They are also commonly found working in disaster areas as support teams. Fifth most common type.
  • Seer – Can see into the future or past. The length of time into the future or past and the clarity of what they See is based on their inherent power. Generally work in the financial, military, or political sector. Sixth most common type.
  • Passenger – Can possess people for brief moments. Very little is actually known about this Affinity, as it is so uncommon. They have been steadily declining in numbers since the early 1800’s. Almost no Mediums of this type are alive currently. Seventh most common type.


The specialized vision that Mediums use to view and interact with elements of the afterlife. Said to appear as a blue-lit version of the living world.


When a Medium or ghost shares a memory or thought with another Medium or ghost. Used as a form of communication for Mediums and their partner ghosts.


A circle written in chalk used by Mediums to do various things, such as Burning a ghost or Seeing something that happened previously in a location. The function is determined by the sigils and runes used to construct the circle. Powered by the blood of a Medium, otherwise inactive. Will completely disappear after being used.


Arcane marks that describe the nature of things. Used in circles to describe what the circle is supposed to effect.


Arcane marks that link runes together and describes their actions. Directs and channels energy in circles.


Sets of sigils and runes used outside of a circle to protect an area from entry or exit. Generally used on Mediums’ homes in order to stop malevolent or unknown ghosts from entering. Can also be used to stop a ghost from leaving an area.