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Book 4 in the Affinity Series
Warning! Spoilers below if you’ve not read Burner or Reader

After months of dancing around each other, Detectives Kim Phillips and Riley Cross have finally become something more than partners. But before the afterglow has time to wear off, they’re thrust into a vicious murder case where a confidential informant has been killed to keep a dirty cop’s identity secret.

Tasked with finding the killer without giving away their investigation, Kim and Riley dig into the underbelly of Chicago, all while Riley struggles with his new powers and Kim tries to find answers about her own abilities.

But when another body is discovered, everything comes crumbling down around them. Now it’s up to Riley and Priya to save a powerless Kim from the grips of a Turned ghost and the biggest challenge they’ve ever faced.

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Author:J.S. Lenore
Genre: Paranormal Crime Fiction
Pages: 206
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