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Dark energy continues to grow. Can Kim stop what she does not understand?
Warning! Spoilers below if you’ve not read Burner or Reader

After solving one of Chicago’s coldest cases, Homicide Detective Kim Phillips is back on the murder beat when she’s assigned a double homicide. The two unidentified victims are found in an abandoned home, surrounded by blood and a dark energy that seems to be invading Chicago.

Meanwhile, Detective Riley Cross’s burgeoning powers continue to confuse and fascinate Kim. Combined with the simmering attraction between the two of them, he’s just another problem she can’t seem to figure out.

Torn between solving the murders or the supernatural mystery, Kim has to use all of her skills — Mundane and Medium — to find the killer and stop the afterlife from invading.

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Healer - The Affinity Series Book 3

Author:J.S. Lenore
Genre: Paranormal Crime Fiction
Pages: 348
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